- ToursBW & vTrackBW -

The DEMO SYSTEM provides you with a fully functional ToursBW (TBW) System so that you can experience the functionality of the system at any time. Should you wish to obtain a TEST system for your own use then :

WE WOULD SUGGEST THAT YOU CAREFULLY READ for an explanation of the FORM if experiencing any problems.

Impala / Buswise promise that any and all personal details, data and information provided to and entered into
YOUR SYSTEM will be secured to the very best of our knowledge
to ensure YOUR complete privacy and YOUR business integrity.

The entries made in the Form will define how YOUR TBW-online system will work by defining User preferences
such as options, website, email address for messages etc.

AFTER the 60 day FREE TRIAL PERIOD the payment requirements will become effective.

You can read the Pricing Structure by GoingTo --- ... There are no contracts. TBW is a live system and will continue to be developed in accordance with user requirements.
Impala / Buswise has developed this software with the intention of providing a SERVICE to the transport industry.

After the 60day Free Trial Period your system may cease to function UNLESS you Choose to continue using the system by starting the monthly payments. Thank you.

The REQUESTED USERNAME will appear on ALL screens and documents.
TBWonline will check to ensure that the USERNAME selected is UNIQUE.

( Case sensitive. Start with alpha character. Must be 5 to 8 alphanumeric characters. NO SPECIAL CHARACTERS).

When the unique USERNAME has been entered GoTo :

ToursBW System Processing Rego for: