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-- demo --

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As this DEMO system is completely functional (except for Admin Tasks) offensive data can be entered into the system.
We apologise if this has happened. We regularly reload the data for the DEMO system to clear all test data.
Click on the -HELP- button above.
This will open a new browser screen so that you can return to this screen to continue using the DEMO System. -OR-
Watch the VIDEO : How to move around ToursBW below.

When a video has been started place cursor over the video to see the control panel

Tutorial Video: How to move around ToursBW - Using the Menu buttons :

The schematic below shows the workflow process.
The Booking Form is the SYSTEM PLANNING document AND
the ITINERARY table provides the time/distance information to cost a trip

ToursBW & vTrackBW from -- Impala Distribution and Marketing (2001)